Two people, same business, radically different results

Two people, same business, radically different results


Yesterday I got an email from my best friend who I believe in him, and the part of the letter made me felt so excited when I read the story of these two people.

Let me share with you;

Two people, Charlie and Bob, meet at an Internet marketing seminar.

They’re both new to Internet marketing, and excited about their new careers.

They listen intently to the speakers and take lots of notes. During breaks they eagerly discuss their plans.

They know it’s going to be great working from home.

They’ll spend more time with their families, make lots of money, and quit their day jobs.

They’ll pay off the bills, buy a new car, and take a vacation.

Their friends will envy them, their spouses will adore them.

Does this remind you of anyone?

You know what, I think about my own ..what do you think about?

A year passes.

Because they enjoyed the seminar last year, they both attend again.

Charlie is excited. He’s been studying internet marketing for a year now.

He’s invested thousands of dollars in numerous books and programs on how to make money online. He’s already forgotten more than most people know about the subject.

He’s analyzed and brainstormed and planned until the wee hours of the morning. He’s even launched his first website, and made a few sales.

Things are looking good for Charlie.

Bob is excited, too. Within a month of leaving the seminar, he started earning money online.

At first it was just a trickle.

But every month he earned more and more. Soon he quit his day job, and just worked from home, investing a few hours each day into his business.

His credit cards are paid off now. He’s paying down his mortgage.

And, much to the astonishment of his friend, he’s one of the speakers at this seminar!

Bob and Charlie started out at the same time.

Charlie invested a small fortune and an entire year on his online education.

Bob invested far less time and money.

Yet, in a year’s time, Charlie is just getting to work. And Bob is well on his way.

What made the difference?

Bob was smart.

Rather than trying to learn everything on his own, he found a site that shows him step-by-step how to make money online.

Rather than looking for affiliate programs that pay 50%, or investing the time and aggravation to create his own products, he found a place that pays him an unprecedented 95% commission on over 100+ current, hot products. And new products are added every month.

And rather than hunting for all the tools, web hosts, autoresponders, software programs and everything else he needed, he found a place that gave him all of these things.

The catch?
It was all for members only.
And they were capping the membership.
He had to act fast.

So, are you a Bob? Or a Charlie?

Find out now. Go to:

Seize the day!

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Yes, I’m in.

Don’t wait until you lose, and we’ll talk about it in the future, seize the day!

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