Wink And Grow Rich

Wink And Grow Rich

I’ve just finished reading this book in a short period.
I bought the pocket book “Wink and Grow Rich” last year, but I’ve never read it through.

Until picked it up again yesterday and this time I could’nt leave it! Why? Even I’ve started reading so many times, but I’ve never finished!

Because this time I was alone in my room and in the active time of mine. What’s about active time of mine? I mean the period in a day that my head or my body active! You will get it if you try to know by yourself.

And reading this book in that way work better than I ever read it before. Yes, read it alone when you feel active so you can let your power to imagine what it says.

But finish it once may not enough, I think that I’ll read it at least once again.

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