Who the heck is Pattanan?

Good question, you may don’t want to know, but the answer is below..

A little woman whose name is Pattanan Wilaipan born in a little town of Thailand, Singburi but now she lives in Kalasin, a province in the north east of Thailand. She has been interested about Thai Traditional Medicine so, she invested time to learn about Thai herbs seriously and graduated from public health college already.

She also created several websites when she has any spare times because she love to take time as the kind of introvert. And I know she has built some business websites to make online income cause of she want to spend the most of her time at home, it’s called “work at home”, right? And she can also keep her “work at home” along the way anywhere she goes! Sound good?

I think that she may want to share what she’s learned to you here.

Seize the day!

Pattanan Wilaipan 😉

Founder, Pattanan.com – Life is short, Live wisely.

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